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Water Restoration Services

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Water Restoration Services

When water finds its way into your air duct system due to flooding, burst pipes, or a broken water heater, immediate action is crucial. As soon as water builds up in air ducts, the moisture allows for an environment where mold, bacteria, and viruses can grow. In addition, the moisture build-up can affect your home’s insulation and may also lead to severe water damage to your ceiling, roof, and walls. This issue cannot be solved by simply cleaning up the water. You will need professional air system services to remove not only the water, but also sewage residue and potentially hazardous materials.

Trust the pros at Duct Dudes to respond immediately and identify the extent of your water and mold damage. We will carefully inspect every part of your duct system and look for any waste or debris that could have negative effects on your home and your health. Our experienced service team uses specialized equipment and high-quality sanitizing products to safely remove mold, dirt, and other particles from your ducts. Once we are finished performing our thorough cleaning services, we’ll leave you with an uncontaminated air duct system and a cleaner indoor air environment for you and your family.

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