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Get to know the members of our team. At Duct Dudes, we love what we do. It starts at the top with our founder and owner Tom Lachowicz and permeates throughout our entire company. Personally guided by Tom, each member of our team undergoes rigorous instruction before earning certification—a training process designed to uphold our standard of excellence. We conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner, taking immense pride in servicing your home or business.

Authenticity Is Our Middle Name

Don’t settle for hired hands. Insist on the authentic Duct Dudes! We are committed to providing the highest quality service in the air duct cleaning industry. You can count on us for all of your indoor air quality needs in New Jersey, New York City and Connecticut. Give us a call today at 732.899.0400.

Tom Lachowicz, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, CEO

Tom Lachowicz, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, CEOI began Duct Dudes as a part-time job in 2004. At that time, my career was in the IT field. I dug deep, utilizing good old-fashioned hard work and research to learn how to properly and professionally conduct this business. Applying much of what I learned from my IT background has proven invaluable, allowing the implementation of a corporate infrastructure. As a result, I have grown Duct Dudes into a full-time powerhouse that serves homes and businesses in New Jersey, New York City and Connecticut. Duct Dudes is a highly respected industry leader within the air duct cleaning community. My goal of building a strong brand that delivers time after time is being realized. I, along with my team, will continue to work hard every day to grow and improve this company. 

John Socratous, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, VPO

John and Tom have been lifelong friends. When invited to join Duct Dudes, John had one question: “What is air duct cleaning?” Since then, John has learned the importance and value of maintaining superior indoor air quality as well as its impact on health, energy costs and HVAC appliances. Today, John assists Tom with managing the day-to-day operations. He also keeps our customers entertained through our social media presence and helps with customer service. 

George Findley, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, Service Manager

George has proven to be an extremely hard worker and a wonderful asset to both the company and our customers. He helps team members organize their work each morning, oversees our vehicle and equipment maintenance schedules and provides estimates and pricing for our customers. When you call Duct Dudes, it’s almost a given that you will speak with George!

David Aceton, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, Senior Technician

David has over 15 years of air duct cleaning experience. He joined Duct Dudes’ team in early 2013 and has been a proven leader here ever since. David continues to share his experience with our staff, guiding his assistants and other lead technicians along the way.

Jimmy Condon, Air Systems Cleaning Specialist, Lead Technician

Jimmy started his professional career as a mechanic. He has experience in construction and remodeling as well as in the HVAC installation industry. Jimmy’s experience stems far beyond the air duct cleaning industry, and we are lucky to have him on board. We believe Jimmy is the best air duct cleaning technician in the industry today! (He’s accepting all challengers.)

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