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Are your clothes taking more than one cycle to dry? Is your dryer hot to the touch? Don’t ignore it! This could be the result of lint buildup, which absorbs water vapor and prevents the heat from your dryer from escaping safely to the outdoors. It can burn out your dryer or cause a fire.

Duct Dudes’ superior residential dryer vent cleaning skills result in the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of dryer vent-related fires
  • Lower energy bills
  • Faster drying times
  • Reduced maintenance/repair bills
  • Greater dryer lifespan

Seeing Is Believing

Some people don’t believe us when we describe the mounds and mounds of gunk that Duct Dudes techs suck out of just one small, 6-foot dryer vent. But we get it. Seeing is believing. So we invite you to check out these videos. You’ll get an up-close and personal view of what we see in homes throughout Monmouth County and Somerset County, NJ, New York City and New Haven, CT. Find out what could be lurking in your dryer vents.

Does the Price Seem Too Good to Be True? It is!

When a residential dryer vent cleaning company’s price seems too good to true, that’s because it is. Companies that charge only $39 to $69 for residential drying vent cleaning are blowing smoke. These substandard firms typically arrive at your home with a manual hand brush purchased at the local hardware store. They can’t guarantee how far it will extend into your dryer duct. As a result, your dryer vent will not receive the thorough cleaning you deserve.

We use a special rod system that can navigate 90-degree turns to reach all of those out-of-the-way spaces. It features more than 200 PSI—for powerful blasts that will obliterate lint. Every. Last. Spec.

Our minimum charge is $100 and the entire process typically takes about an hour. However, our prices vary based upon the complexity of the job, location of the dryer and level of lint buildup. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss details for your unique home and needs.

When we clean your dryer vents, we spend about half of our time inside your home and the other half outside. Often, we need to climb into your attic to fully clean your ducts. (That’s something those fly-by-night operations do not do.)

These Dudes Are Certifiably Good!

These Dudes Are Certifiably Good!

Duct Dudes is a proud member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, which was founded in 1989 and has helped improve the industry by demanding higher standards. For instance, the NADCA decided at its first meeting that source removal was the only acceptable way to clean ductwork. Until then, a number of questionable methods were used, including “gluing” dust, dirt and other contaminants to the surface of air ducts.

Although some companies use only one trained professional to claim NADCA certification, that’s not how Duct Dudes operates. Instead, we guarantee a NADCA-certified technician on every job! We use only industry-best equipment, industry-best training and industry-best work standards. We’re committed to providing the most thorough residential dryer vent cleaning available. Our team has specialized in air duct and dryer vent cleaning for more than 15 years.

Learn about our thorough, step-by-step process here.

We’re Equipped to Handle All of Your Needs

Being the best residential dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning service in New Jersey, New York City and Connecticut requires the best equipment. Well, Duct Dudes doesn’t skimp when it comes to equipment. Our truck-mounted HEPA-filtered vacuums can generate 16,000 CFM of negative pressure—the most powerful suction available in the industry. They’re strong enough to clean the largest commercial building, while our team is trained to operate them with the finesse required to clean even the smallest residential home.

We treat our equipment like our babies. All vehicles and equipment undergo routine maintenance early and often to optimize function and safety. Our drivers are trained to obey all rules of the road and to properly represent the company when moving from job to job. Plus, we take great pride in the appearance of our vehicles, which are adorned with our eye-catching logo. Because we want our vehicles to reflect our high standards of professionalism and excellence, we keep them sparkling clean—inside and out.

Duct Dudes is one of just a handful of local companies using such high-quality equipment. Our vacuum equipment is combined with over 200 PSI of compressed air for complete source removal cleanings. Our expanded fleet is capable of cleaning as much as 15,000 square feet of ductwork per day.

Powerful Reinforcements

We run our negative pressure equipment continuously. But vacuum suction alone can’t get every last speck of buildup. That’s why we use reinforcements: compressors with more than 200 PSI of compressed air that power agitation devices. Our compressors are fitted with various directional and whipping attachments to break free and collect dust, debris, pet hair and more—driving them toward the suction.

We’re always equipped with:

  • Quincy 340 Air Compressors
  • Quincy 325 Air Compressors

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You can trust Duct Dudes to have your back and clean every inch of your dryer vent for your ultimate health and safety. We hate to brag. (Not really!) But Duct Dudes is the friendly, highly experienced team you need to handle even the trickiest residential dryer vent cleaning challenge in NJ, NY and CT, including Monmouth County, Somerset County and New Haven. To learn more about Duct Dudes or to schedule a dryer vent cleaning for your home or business, call us at 732.899.0400 today or fill out our contact form. To ensure the safety of your family, Duct Dudes develops a dryer vent maintenance schedule tailored to your structure and ducting type. To schedule an on-site consultation, call or email our team today!

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