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We are on the hunt for highly motivated, hard-working technicians to join our incredible team. Although we love technicians with experience, you don’t have to be an expert at air duct or dryer vent cleaning. We’ll train you! We are passionate about providing clean, healthy and safe homes and buildings for the customers we serve. We take our work seriously, but we also have fun. We offer a competitive salary and a generous benefits package. If you’re inspired by a high-energy, collaborative work environment where skill, drive and initiative are encouraged and rewarded, we want to speak with you.

Work for a Proven Winner That’s Growing!

At Duct Dudes, it makes us happy to see our parking lot filled with cars week after week. Our founder and CEO, Tom Lachowicz, built this company from the ground up. We always knew we would thrive and grow, but it’s crazy just how fast it’s happened. What’s even better is the crew we have right now. They are invested in making Duct Dudes all that it can be. They look forward to a future here—making money, having job security and working year-round. Working year-round may sound normal to some people, but it’s often challenging in the service industry. “Slow season” really does exist. For Duct Dudes, it usually starts in March and can stretch through to the end of April. But we have found the key: a network of trusted customers who rely on us even during the slow times. Our goal is simply to keep our customers satisfied with top-notch service and to keep our employees happy with sufficient hours. The bottom line: Tom wants to make it rain bennies for his team.

Speaking of bennies, on any given day, our guys get a variety of tips. Usually, our technicians receive anywhere from $20 to a whopping $200 in tips every day. A customer once gave a Duct Dudes team a full case of Corona! This high level of customer appreciation speaks volumes about the quality of our staff and each member’s friendly, knowledgeable and thorough approach to making our customers happy.

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If this sounds like a company and a work environment that is right for you, give  Duct Dudes a call at 732.899.0400 or fill out our easy-to-use contact form.

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