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January 11, 2021

The Importance of Fire Restoration


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If you have had the misfortune of experiencing a home fire then you will already know that fire damage is destructive to both your house and life.  Having to file claims, board up your home, and tackle the job of removing damaged goods from the fire to start rebuilding is a process that can seem overwhelming.  It will be incredibly easier to deal with fire restoration with a professional fire damage and smoke damage restoration team.  Fire restoration duct cleaning can be a complicated process.  It is necessary to work with certified and experienced staff like we have at Duct Dudes to help you return your house to its pre-fire damage condition.  Read further as we discuss the importance of fire restoration.   Air duct cleaning NJ

Restoration Duct Cleaning

As mentioned above, duct cleaning for fire restoration is a complicated matter best left to experienced professionals.  

To begin with, fire damage causes odors from smoke to seep into your walls, underneath floors, up into attics, and crawl spaces.  You will need to have these areas deodorized.  In fact, it is crucial that all containments such as smoke, soot, mold, fire extinguisher dust, and water be removed.  

Fire damage is destructive to your home and life. Between filing claims, boarding up your home, removing damage from fire and rebuilding, the job can seem overwhelming. Start to finish, we can help you through the process. It is important to have professional fire damage and smoke damage restoration crew to help you ease the struggle.

Odors from fire damage and smoke damage can seep between walls, between floors and ceilings, in attics and in crawlspaces. These areas need to be deodorized. Our Restoration King licensed contractors know what needs to be done. We are your Colorado Springs area experts in filing claims, in repairing fire damage and smoke damage and board up services.

Our certified and experienced staff are waiting for your call!

Insurance restoration duct cleaning is a complicated process. Absolute removal of contaminants such as smoke, mold, soot, fire extinguisher dust and water from the duct work is crucial to the restoration of the duct work. This is a necessary step to return the home to its pre-disaster condition.

The following is the list of steps we use to complete insurance loss remediation:

  1. Investigation
  2. Evaluation
  3. Remediation

The above three steps apply to every type of loss remediation.


Removal of soot and smoke odors located throughout the HVAC system is a necessary step to bring the ductwork back to proper working condition.

Step one in the process is investigation; trying to find out what was damaged by the fire. We need to determine whether the fire was in the duct work itself, such as the blower motor or a booster fan in the duct work. If this were the case, it would cause soot to blow throughout the duct work.  Did the fire occur in the walls? Wall cavities are commonly used as a cost savings measure by heating contractors as a return Air duct for the HVAC system. Ceilings in commercial buildings are used for return air, commonly known as plenum ceilings.  Or a fire could be in wall near where the duct work is located.   Was it a kitchen fire? A fire place burning out of control or a damper left closed? Could it be a dryer vent fire caused by a clogged exhaust vent or defective dryer? As you can see, the list can go on and on.

Step two in the process is to evaluate what actions are necessary to mitigate the problems caused by the fire.

Step three is the remediation.  Soot removal and removal of smoke odors located throughout the system is crucial to the restoration of the heating and cooling system. In situations where charred wood remains as part of the structure, it is important to fully remove these charred areas. This is a necessary step to return the home to its pre-disaster condition.

Fire Extinguisher Dust

Removal of fire extinguisher dust after a fire or accidental discharge of fire extinguisher is very important. According to major manufacturers of Fire Extinguishers Material Safety Data Sheet, the following is listed as the results of exposures:

Inhalation of dusts may cause respiratory irritation.

Avoid contact with the skin. May cause skin irritation.

Why is insurance restoration duct cleaning so important in this situation?

The dust and soot located inside the duct work, much like insulation, absorbs odors. When a fire occurs, the smoke odors are absorbed by the dust. The only way to remove these odors is to remove the source, in this case, the layer of dust.  Removal of soot left inside the duct work by the fire is another reason to get air ducts cleaned. The soot will continuously blow out of the vents into the air you breathe for months to come. It will coat everything, the furniture, the walls, clothing, everything, basically contaminating the home every time the heating system comes on. Also the airborne soot is inhaled by the occupants. Soot is known to aggravate asthma and the lungs of children and the elderly.