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September 8, 2015

Promoting a Staff Member


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When it comes to promoting staff members, there are many factors to take into consideration.  At Duct Dudes, we look for persons of high character, who share in our vision for raising awareness about indoor air quality through our NJ air duct cleaning services, and fire prevention through our NJ dryer vent cleaning services.  We will not consider an employee for promotion unless he or she has demonstrated these qualities.  As for a position of management, all of these factors are amplified.

promoting a Duct Dudes staff member

We consider our management team as pillars on which we can build our company’s foundation.  A great analogy we use around here is the Friday’s manager approach:  if you’ve ever eaten at a Friday’s restaurant, you may have noticed a manager crouched down next to a customer’s table, speaking softly and helping to satisfy the customers.  This is the approach we take at Duct Dudes.

Our Mission: To Provide the Finest Air Duct Cleaning Services in the Area

Our entire staff is committed to a certain level of excellence.  The rigorous training exercises and certification programs we participate in, such as the National Air Dut Cleaners Association (NADCA), go a long way toward ensuring these philosophies stay strong as the indoor air quality industry grows and as we bring in the new crop of NADCA-certified NJ air duct cleaning technicians.

NJ Air Duct Cleaning

At Duct Dudes, we guarantee an NADCA-certified technician on every job.  We use only the industry’s best equipment, training, and work standards to ensure that our customers receive the finest air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services in the area.  How else would we have secured the title of #1 air duct cleaners in New Jersey?

To learn more about the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Duct Dudes or to schedule an air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning appointment for your home or commercial building, contact us at (866) DUDE-911 today!