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August 8, 2014

NJ Duct Cleaning Business Receives Special Nod from Industry Publication


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NJ duct cleaningThe Duct Dudes, our trusted NJ duct cleaning service, has received special recognition from HVACR Business magazine for our enthralling truck design and its effectiveness as part of the Tops-In-Trucks Fleet Design Contest. Although we did not place amongst the finalists, we were given an appreciative nod and a small write up in the magazine. Just how did we pull it off?

According to HVACR Business magazine, the Duct Dudes were given recognition in regards to our truck design. Everything from its eye-catching coloring to our mascot to our name was looked at and praised for its originality and allure.

Humble Beginnings

The article continued to discuss our humble roots as a company. While we began operations in 2004, we did not evolve into the full-time business we are now until recently. Since taking off as a NJ air duct cleaning business, we have always held the power of our brand in high regards and obviously like to share it with the world.

After amassing some revenue from initial jobs and clients, we decided to invest heavily in the NJ duct cleaning services marketing and developing of our image in order to make a lasting impression on the market. In our humble opinion, it seems to have worked. It is not uncommon for the Duct Dudes to have projects in Manhattan where tourists and passerby often stop to admire or take photographs of our trucks.

It is in this way that our mascot has taken on a life of its own. In fact, a real life replica may be in the works. Other than the amiable fellow on our trucks, our success stems from our fleet, our website, and, most of all, our loyal customer base. Without them, there wouldn’t be a truck to begin with!

Beginning in 2007, HVACR Business magazine has held the Tops-In-Trucks Fleet Design Contest annually. Each year, contest judges look to recognize excellent branding and marketing in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry, namely through their fleet of trucks and vans. Past winners have cited an understanding of their client base and what it means to communicate with them via their vehicles as criteria for taking the top spot.

Come celebrate this momentous occasion with us! To get in touch with our duct cleaning service in NJ or to receive a price quote, call 866-DUDE-911 today!

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