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We provide quality services to the residents of Nyack, NY. This is why we are your first choice for air duct and dryer vent cleaning services. Our friendly professionals are here to help you.

We have all experienced quality air at some point. But after a while, dust and other debris accumulate on the air ducts and dryer vents. This diminishes the quality of indoor air within the house or office. Cleaning your ducts removes about 6 pounds of dust which dramatically increases the quality of air.

Air Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning: What Are They?

Even though the name suggests that cleaning happens to only the air ducts, the process also involves other HVAC system components. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust and dirt from the ducts and HVAC units in your home or office building.

Similar to duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning eliminates fluff that has built up and congested the vents. This fluff is from a mixture of the moisture from your clothes and dust already within the house.

Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

HVAC systems work by circulating air all through the house or business premises. When the ducts are dirty, it means that air circulating the premises is dirty and contaminated. This causes health issues for the residents of the premises.

Cleaning your air ducts will promote indoor air quality, reducing the inflammation of some respiratory issues.

Clean air ducts also enhance indoor comfort. When the air ducts are clean, it improves the function of the HVAC. You get to save on energy bills as the HVAC system does not use much energy.

Duct Cleaning NJ recommends that you clean your air ducts after 5 to 10 years.

Benefits of Clean Dryer Vents

Dryer vents work by sucking out the moisture from your wet clothes. When there is a clog in the ducts, they do not pass hot moist air. The result of this includes;

  • Clothes that are too hot to touch
  • A burning odor
  • High energy bills
  • Frequency HVAC unit breakdowns

A clean dryer will improve the dryer’s function, maintaining the energy bills.

One crucial importance is that it reduces fires as clogged dryer vents cause many fires. Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ understands this, and we recommend duct cleaning every 1 to 2 years.

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