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March 11, 2021

Energy Efficiency through HVAC Air Duct Cleaning in NJ


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As part of your home’s HVAC system, air ducts need regular maintenance. It doesn’t just impact the HVAC system’s energy efficiency, but it also reduces indoor air quality that can negatively affect your health.

Did you know that a normal 6-room home acquires about forty pounds of dust each year through daily living? That’s a huge amount of dust! What’s worse is that your HVAC system takes in this dust through air ducts and spreads it through your residential or commercial building.

Benefits of Cleaning Your HVAC Air Duct

Below are some key reasons why you should consider scheduling an air duct cleaning in NJ today.

  • Lowers toxin levels from mildew and mold

Did you know that it does not take much for mildew and mold to begin growing, especially in humid conditions? Mold could be a serious health risk, especially when it circulates through air ducts.

After mold growth has begun, you will need to clean your ducts to keep such substances under control.

  • Get rid of odors from your pests

Do not forget that rodents and pests could crawl into your air ducts. This can create foul smells from droppings and dead vermin to circulate through your home or office’s air duct system.

  • Support good indoor air quality

Fumes and particles from your garden, household chemicals, dust, and insulation can enter your duct system, further aggravating allergy and asthma problems. Sealing air ducts helps boost indoor air quality by lowering the risk of pollutants circulating through your home or office.

  • Lower dust and dirt levels

Throughout the year, dust and dirt will build up in the duct system, as well as the heating and cooling registers. Keep in mind that frequent duct cleaning by a professional NJ air duct cleaning provider will involve replacing filters and inspection of leaks.

  • Save a huge amount of money

Remember that dust can lower heating and cooling system efficiency by at least twenty percent. Covering and insulating ducts boosts efficiency, reduces energy bills, and pays for itself in energy savings.

Are you considering installing some new heating and cooling equipment on your property? A well-made and sealed duct system may help you downsize to a smaller, less expensive heating and cooling system with better dehumidification.

  • Protect Mother Earth

The energy utilized in your home or office comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants. This contributes to climate change, acid rain, and smog. You see, the less energy you use at your property, the less air pollution you create.

Sealing your air ducts, and lowering the energy used to comfortably cool or heat your place, will help to reduce air pollution.

To keep your home healthy, contact a NJ air duct cleaning professional to schedule an inspection today. You will receive professional advice about air ventilation so you can enhance indoor air quality and extend the life of your HVAC system.