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March 8, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day is Right Around the Corner!


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St. Patrick’s Day is Right Around the Corner!  Don’t forget to get your Air Ducts Cleaned!


Have you had an Air Duct Cleaning service done recently?  With St. Patricks day just around the corner, family & friends will be gathering together in your home soon.  It’s just human nature, everyone wants to make a good impression when family and friends come over at the holidays.  St. Pattricks Day

We spend hours decorating with festive flair and deep cleaning our homes to make sure everything is just right.  Deep cleaning your home in preparation for the coming Holiday can be frustrating when you see a layer of dust on the furniture the very next day! You would be surprised how much dust, mites & debris is circulated thru your homes heating system, and eventually landing on your furniture, kitchen countertops, even the very table you will be serving your Holiday Party on.

Having your air ducts cleaned prior to the Holiday festivities can be a huge time saver by significantly reducing the amount of dust blowing out through your heating system and into your home. At Duct Dudes we understand how important the time we spend with family and friends during the holiday season is.  Contact us today, and we’ll help your home be at it’s very best when you guests arrive.

We’re available Monday – Saturday 8:30a – 5p by phone at 732-899-0400.  If you prefer, you can drop us an email to [email protected].  Have a wonderful Holiday Season from our family to yours.Air Duct Cleaning Holiday Hot Tip:

Air Duct Cleaning Holiday Hot Tip:

If you purchase a new furnace filter prior to having your air duct cleaning service performed, and our tech’s will gladly help with the installation.  Just let us know when you contact us!