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May 19, 2015

Sick Building Syndrome


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Take a look around your office. Are you noticing unsightly, dirty vents? Are you or your co-workers, coughing and sneezing or worse, becoming sick? Have you experienced skin and eye irritation, nose or throat problems?  

The list goes on. Your office may be suffering from sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome refers to health issues, shared by occupants of a particular working environment. Investigations into these causes usually lead to the discovery of flaws in the building’s HVAC system, negatively impacting the indoor air quality of the building, especially when pertaining to ventilation.  Let your NJ Air Duct Cleaning company help clean your indoor air quality.

Every sneeze, every cough, every shoe tracking in irritants from outside by employees have left their stamp, in one way or another, on your indoor air quality. They have impacted the air you breathe, every single day.NJ Air Duct Cleaning

These germs don’t simply vanish into thin air, but rather they can accumulate in the ductwork. Employers have a responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment for their staff, and customers.  

The positive effects resulting from a proper air duct cleaning in the office go far beyond a courtesy to your employees and concern for their well-being. In fact, our NJ air duct cleaning technicians received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both the employers and their employees, in regards to our office air duct cleaning services in just the past year alone.

NJ Air Duct Cleaning Company Helps Keep Your Employees Healthy


Reports of less sick days being taken and even lower energy costs from the benefits to the building’s HVAC system’s efficiency from employers. A proper air duct cleaning is an investment in your indoor air quality. Let the Duct Dudes improve the air you breathe, today!

Utilizing our high-powered, truck-mounted vacuums in combination with specialized agitation instruments, our NJ Air Duct Cleaning technicians will perform the highly touted source removal techniques as outlined by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, completely cleaning your building’s ductwork in its entirety.

Additionally, we will power wash and hand-dry all of the vent covers in your office. When all is said and done, we complete our white glove service with a series of walkthroughs, vacuuming of the carpets and overall cleanup.

When all is said and done, the only way you will truly know the Duct Dudes were there, is by breathing in the fresh air!

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