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February 4, 2015

#1 Air Duct Cleaners In NJ Offer Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter


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Today is the first “ARCTIC” cold day of the year and I am reminded of a blog I wrote last year. The day I wrote the blog, I woke up and my house was at 65 degrees. My furnace had been pumping for hours and the thermostat was set to 72 degrees. I have regular maintenance on my furnace so I knew that was not the issue. I searched my entire home for possible problems, namely openings that might be allowing the heat to escape. I locked all of my windows, opened all of my upstairs doors, and closed and locked all entry doors. Finally, I discovered my attic pulldown door was cracked open about 1.5”. I closed that door and not even 1 hour later, I was back up and running at 71 degrees.

NJ air duct cleaning servicesDuct Dudes, the #1 air duct cleaners in NJ, believes that home efficiency is very important and should not be overlooked. Cold days like this can really do a number on your furnace and heating system. Leaving that attic door open, even slightly, was a costly error on my part. The furnace never shut off and heat pumped nonstop all night, never overcoming the cold air from the various draft points.

Don’t panic or dismiss your heating system as broken. Take some time and check the basics, do what is within your power to aid your heating system’s efficiency. I’ve created a brief checklist to help with this subject.

Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Working Efficiently:

Take a walk-through of your home and look around for places where the heat might be escaping (i.e.: the attic door pull-down).

  • Lock all of the windows.
  • Open all of the upstairs doors.
  • Close and lock all entry doors to your home.

NJ air duct inspectionsI would recommend scheduling an air duct cleaning with a reputable NJ air duct cleaning company, like Duct Dudes. Clearing the dust, debris, pet hair and particulate build-up in your duct work will promote efficient and solid airflow, and could save you tons of money on heating bills.

For more information or to schedule your next appointment, contact our air duct cleaning company in NJ at (866) DUDE-911.