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January 19, 2015

Helpful Tips To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home From NJ’s #1 Air Duct Cleaners


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The air quality in your home is extremely important to the health of you, your family, and your pets. How can you be sure your home’s indoor air quality is good? At Duct Dudes,ourNJ air duct cleaning company, we think it’s important for home owners to know about the many ways that they can improve the air quality in their homes.

Clean Regularly

Although it may be tempting to put off your chores, keeping your house clean can help to reduce allergens and irritants. Dust with a damp cloth rather than a feather duster, and don’t forget the hard-to-reach places!

Bathe And Groom Your Pet

bathe your pets regularlyDuring the winter months, your pets spend more time in doors, which equals an increase in fur and dander floating around your abode. Bathe and groom your pet regularly to help minimize this problem.

Replace the Filers In Your Heating And Cooling System

Regularly checking and replacing the filters in your home’s heating and cooling system helps to minimize the contaminants in the air. Electrostatic filters tend to catch more airborne particles than standard filters, so it may be wise to invest in one.


Open the Windows

open the windowsEven when the weather is a bit chilly, it’s important to let the fresh air in. Open the windows or turn on the ceiling fans to help get that air circulation throughout the house. When you’re cooking in the kitchen, be sure to turn on the exhaust fan to release the noxious vapors, grease, and smoke that are released when you cook.

Keep Up With Routine Air Duct Cleaning

At Duct Dudes, the #1 air duct cleaners in NJ, we’re more than happy to help you with this step! Regular air duct cleaning helps to keep the indoor air in your home from being contaminated with mold, dust, and small particles that can be inhaled.

Remove Your Shoes

When you enter your house, lose the shoes! Shoes track in dirt, lawn chemicals, and more. Have a nice pair of slippers waiting for you at the door instead!

Want to learn more ways on improving the air quality in your home? Contact our air duct cleaning company in NJ at (866) DUDE-911 today!