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November 19, 2014

Air Duct Cleaning: 101


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Have you been wondering what cleaning your home or business’ air vents actually entails?  At Duct Dudes, the #1 air duct cleaning company in NJ, we’ve laid out our step-by-step procedure to help better inform our customers.  Consider this “Air Duct 101” for those who aren’t quite familiar with the process.

air duct cleaning company NJFirst, and quite obviously, you’ll need to schedule the air duct cleaning appointment for your home or business, and who better to call than the experts at Duct Dudes?  At Duct Dudes, we guarantee an NADCA certified technicians on every job so you can rest assured you’re getting the best service.

When the day of your scheduled appointment arrives, one of our NJ air duct cleaning technicians will give you a courtesy call when en route to the job site.  Once we arrive, we’ll greet you and introduce you to the team members that’ll be working on your home or business.  Below, you’ll find out what happens next:

    • Before we begin our service, we’ll lay down tarps, if needed, and our 8” tubing.  If requested, our technicians will wear booties to protect the customer’s floors.
    • 8” access holes are cut into each trunk line.  Don’t be alarmed, this is industry standard procedure and these holes are sealed air tight upon completion of our service.
    • With the access holes cut, we can now put our vacuum lines into place and power up our vacuum truck.  It generates 16,000 c.f.m. of vacuum pressure!
    • We remove and hand wash all vent covers, registers, and diffusers – utilizing an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser.
    • Once the vent covers are removed, our technicians will bring in the airline and viper rods, which produce 200 p.s.i. of compressed air.  We have a forward blowing skipper ball to connect to the viper rods.  Maneuvering the rods into each and every vent with the air activated, dust or debris is forced into the main trunk line where it is pulled out to the vacuum.  We only clean supply branches while connected to the corresponding trunk line and the same goes for the return.  This is essential, as it prevents blowback and ensures the quality of the job.
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    • Once the dust and debris has been forced into the main trunk lines, we make 1” holes for our viper rods with the air charged whip attachment.  These whips have 1, 3 or 8 tentacles.  All dust and debris is obliterated as the air surges through these powerful whips, it is then forced into the vacuum and sent to our truck mounted collection system.  Our reverse skipper ball is attached and used to manipulate the remaining dust and debris that may have tried to linger.  Nothing gets by our technicians!
    • Now it’s time to move down to the blower motor section!  Given the delicate parts in this area, the utmost care and attention is needed as we wash the wires, circuit board, capacitor and fan fins.  Once heavy debris build up is removed, we perform a light wiping of the walls and base of this area with a terry towel and cleaner.  While in the blower motor section, the filter can be replaced with one the customer has on hand.  If the customer does not have a filter, don’t fret, we will record the filter size so that the proper replacement can be ordered by the customer.  Due to cross contamination issues, it is important that the filter be replaced.  You don’t want to put a dirty filter back into clean duct work.
    • Sanitizer can be fogged into the trunk lines using our industrial atomizer and some assistance from the blower motor for those longer runs.  Once the inside of the ductwork has been coated, the plates can be screwed into place and air sealed with our all weather HVAC foil tape.
    • The vent covers are replaced to their original positions.  The floors are swept or vacuumed for any debris that may have been dropped during the vent cover removal. All equipment is removed from your home or business, and the truck is packed up nice and neat!
    • The itemized invoice is filled out and presented to the customer for payment.  Then it’s time to say goodbye!

For more information or to schedule your air duct cleaning appointment, contact our NJ air duct cleaning company at (866) DUDE-911.

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