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March 7, 2016

Go Green This Saint Patricks Day With Duct Dudes


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Shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold are all associated with the well known Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. With parades and festivities all over the United States and Ireland, this is a day for friends and family to gather together to celebrate by wearing green or having corn beef and cabbage as a meal.

The wearing of green comes from the shamrock with St. Patrick was said to use to describe the Holy Trinity to the Irish. To this day people, both Irish and not, feel the need to wear their green colors proudly to acknowledge the holiday.

At Duct Dudes, your NJ air duct cleaners, we go green all year round!

NJ Air Duct Cleaning Company Wears Green Too!

Our professionals use the industry top line of equipment on every job. We also use EnviroCon when deodorizing any home or commercial building. EnviroCON is manufactured by Bio-Cide International Inc., and it is an EPA-registered product. We only use the best and latest technology with EnviroCON providing a noticeable improvement in air quality.

go greenBy using EnviroCon, Duct Dudes is not only getting better air quality for their customers but also not harming the environment as other air duct cleaning companies may be doing. EnviroCON is a mild, safe deodorizer used primarily to remove odors associated with mold, mildew or bacteria. This product is unscented and does not act as a cover-up or masking agent. Rather, it works by oxidizing the cause of odor or contamination—not by adding its own scent to the ventilation system and outside air.

Come to the Green Side of NJ Air Duct Cleaning

With services including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and deodorizing, Duct Dudes are your go to guys for everything involving great air quality all while keeping you and the environment in mind.

For more information, give your friendly NJ air duct cleaning company a call today at (732)-899-0400. We look forward to servicing you!