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October 13, 2014

A Top NJ Air Duct Cleaning Company Highlights The Importance Of Regular Air Duct Cleaning


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nj air duct cleaningThe majority of American homeowners don’t know that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outside.  In addition to dust, clogged air ducts can store mold and bacteria that’s hazardous to your family’s health.  In fact, indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental risks to public health; therefore it’s important to stay on top of your home’s routine duct cleaning.  How do you know if your home’s ducts need cleaning?

At Duct Dudes, the #1 air duct cleaners in NJ, we’ve come up with a few easy ways to figure out if it’s time for a cleaning.  There are a variety of indications of clogged duct work; for example, does anyone in your house have allergies or asthma?  Have you noticed a musty or stale odor when your furnace is running?  Do you notice dust on your furniture shortly after cleaning?  Do you have pets?  Does your furnace use a throw-away filter?  If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to give us a call at (866)-DUDE-911!

Keep Your Ducts Clean And Your Family Healthy

NJ air duct cleaningAt Duct Dudes, we specialize in commercial air duct cleaning and decontamination, residential duct cleaning, and residential dryer cleaning.  Over time, dust, dirt, pollen, and animal dander are pulled into your air duct system creating a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungus, and mildew; whenever the furnace is on, these contaminants circulate throughout your home.  Regularly cleaning your home’s air duct system has many benefits.  It helps to reduce dust allergens, improves occupant health, helps heating and cooling appliances to perform better, and reduces your electricity bill.

Our NJ air duct cleaning company also provides sanitizing treatments for commercial and residential ductwork.  We use EnviroCON, an EPA-registered mild, safe deodorizer used primarily to remove odors associated with mildew, mold, and bacteria.  This product isn’t a masking agent; it’s unscented, and works by oxidizing the cause of odor or contamination.  EnviroCON is completely safe for building occupants, including children and pets – so there’s no evacuation necessary.  It effectively inhibits the reproduction of odor-causing microorganisms.

To enlist the expert help of Duct Dudes, a top air duct cleaning service in NJ, contact us at (866) DUDE-911 today!