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4th of July Celebration Home Cleaning Tips

Prepare Your Home for a Safe 4th of July Celebration


With the summer season in full swing, we are already just two weeks away from everyone’s favorite summer holiday, the 4th of July. The 4th of July is a great holiday for gathering with friends and family and it is one of the most popular holidays to host cookouts. If you are planning on hosting a cookout at your home and entertaining guests, it is a good idea to prepare your home by cleaning it up and taking actions to ensure that your 4th of July celebration is safe for all involved. Cleaning up your home will not only get it ready for company, but also give you an opportunity to make a good impression on your friends and family with a clean home. These tips will help you prepare your home for a safe 4th of July celebration.

House Cleaning Tips

If you did not have time to finish your spring cleaning, there is no need to panic as you can get your home clean and presentable for your 4th of July guests with just a few tasks. By cleaning these main areas of your home, you can make your house look a lot cleaner and more presentable.

  • – Front of the House:  The front of your house is what your guests will notice first before they even reach your property so making sure your yard and home look good from the street will help make a good impression. Mow your lawn and clean up any debris from your yard such as sticks, leaves, and toys and clean up any nests or spider webs that may be on your porch or the front of your house.


  • – Doors to the Outside:  Most 4th of July parties involve guests moving from inside your house to the yard which means that the door to your yard will be used often. Whether you have a glass sliding door or a more traditional door, make sure both sides of the door and any windows are clean as guests will be using it throughout the entire party.


  • – Deck or Patio:  If your 4th of July party will mostly be taking place in an outside area such as a deck or patio, make sure that area is clean and free of any debris. You can prepare your deck or patio by sweeping the area and pressure washing it if you have the time.


  • – Pool:  If you have a pool that will be open to your guests, you should make sure to clean out any debris from the water and vacuum the bottom to make the pool more appealing.


4th of July Celebration Safety Tips

While fireworks, pools, and bonfires add to the festivities of the 4th of July, these things can also be dangerous if the right safety precautions are not taken.  These tips will help ensure that your 4th of July celebration stays safe.

  • – Fireworks: Fireworks have long been a part of 4th of July parties but it is of extreme importance to make sure that they are used responsibly and that no children are lighting off fireworks without adult supervision. You should also be careful of what kind of fireworks you have because many types are illegal in Illinois.


  • – Grill/ Bonfire: 4th of July parties usually involve children and pets running around the yard which can be dangerous near a lit grill. Put the grill somewhere out of the way so that children and pets will not be near it and make sure the children understand to stay away from the grill when it is lit.  If you have a bonfire at some point during the party, build the fire away from the house or low hanging trees to avoid spreading the fire and once again make sure the children understand not to get too close.


  • – Water/ Pool Safety:  People that host 4th of July parties sometimes have pools open to their guests and if you do have your pool open for the party, make sure that the pool is supervised at all times to avoid the risk of drowning.


  • – Alcohol:  Alcohol is pretty common at 4th of July celebrations. Just make sure to drink responsibly and keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.

As this 4th of July quickly approaches, use these tips to help prepare your home for guests and plan out a safe 4th of July celebration that can be enjoyed by everyone.  These are just a few ways to stay safe this holiday weekend. At Duct Dudes, #1 air duct cleaning nj company, we strive to keep our customers informed and satisfied. Having clean air ducts and dryer vents is just as important this summer as clogged vents can cause fires. To learn about air duct or dryer vent safety, contact us or give our experts a call at 732-899-0400.

Memorial Day Tips and Tricks

With Memorial Day approaching, this means nicer weather, BBQs, pool parties and beach time is right around the corner. Duct Dudes looks out for their customers and wants you to have a safe holiday weekend. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Duct Dudes Guide to a Fun, Safe Memorial Day Weekend

1.Grilling Like a Pro

BBQs are very popular Memorial Day weekend. We want to remind you how important it is to be sure all meat you are grilling is cooked thoroughly especially chicken and beef. It is also important that you wash your hands before and after dealing with any raw meat. Duct Dudes wants you, your family and friends to enjoy the weekend and not spend it sick inside or worse a trip to the hospital.

2. Suns Out Guns Out

nj air duct cleaning mdw tipsAs summer approaches everyone wants to have that golden skin look. However, it is imperative you wear sunscreen when being in the sun for long periods of time. Some have more sensitive skin than others and will require a higher SPF lotion. Wearing a hat, sunglasses or sitting under an umbrella can help block out those strong sun rays. We also want to remind our friends and family to stay hydrated during the extra hot days. Drinking lots of water is key to avoid dehydration in the sun.

3. Travel Safety

Any holiday weekend is a common time for people to travel. Memorial Day weekend happens to be one of the most popular as it kicks off summer. It is highly suggested you get your car serviced prior to a long road trip as well as pack a roadside emergency kit. Staying local? Avoid drinking and driving at all costs. Nowadays, there are numerous options to choose from to leave your car at home such as public transportation, Uber or a Designated Driver just to name a few.

These are just a few ways to stay safe this holiday weekend. At Duct Dudes, NJ #1 air duct cleaners, we strive to keep our customers informed and satisfied. Having clean air ducts and dryer vents is just as important this summer as clogged vents can cause fires. To learn about air duct or dryer vent safety, contact us or give our experts a call at 732-899-0400.

3 Important Things To Look For When Inspecting Dryer Venting In Your Home

Whether you are purchasing a new home or simply doing maintenance tasks around your current home, making sure that you do a thorough inspection of dryer venting is important. While you should always contract professionally licensed dryer vent experts to work on, clean, and properly inspect dryer vents, there are some things you can look for that can alert you to serious issues.

Below are three important things to inspect when it comes to your home’s dryer vent cleaning in NJ.NJ air duct cleaning services

1. Look carefully at the termination port of the dryer, as well as the roof cap and wall. You should be on alert for things that can potentially cause clogs in the opening, such as built-up debris, leaves, and bird nests. As you do this, you can check that the vent is functioning properly by checking the air’s velocity as it exits. If you don’t feel air, or if it feels very weak, it could mean you have a clog that needs to be cleaned out by a professional.

2. Look for signs that your vent system has been lengthened. Professionals recommend that dryer vent ducts should be straight and short, at least as much as is practically possible. If you’ve extended your dryer vent system or if the previous owners of your home has, it could not only make drying your clothes take longer, but it could impact how well it works and how frequently it gets clogged.

3. Metal tape should be used to hold joints in place. While duct tape is a handy fix-it tool around the home, it should not be used on dryer vent duct joints. In this case, metal tape should be used. If you see other hardware holding joints together, like screws, you should contact a professional to help you remove them and get them back together properly.

Keeping Up with The Holiday Season Even When It’s Over

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone. Here at Duct Dudes, we want to provide you with some cleaning tips to ensure your home sparkles. Holidays are a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones.  Follow these simple tips on how to avoid spending your whole holiday cleaning your home during this time.

holiday cleaning tips

Prep Early For Guests

It’s a great idea to have your table and bar prepped before your guests arrive. Make sure all the dinnerware, silverware and glassware are clean and you have extra to avoid a crowded sink the day your company comes over. You can even use fancy plastic or paper plates for appetizers and dessert to not have to be washing dishes instead of entertaining guests. Vacuum and wash the floors a day or so prior to your event to avoid wet or dirty floors the morning of. Also, make sure hand towels are placed near the sink in the kitchen and bathroom for guests to use and not have water drops throughout the house.

Stay Organized

Food is a huge factor of the holidays and there’s so much of it! To prevent chaos and messes, keep a checklist of all the food you have to serve so you don’t leave anything out. No more leaving the pie in the oven or forgetting to take the fresh salad out of the fridge. You can even leave post-it notes on the table of which food goes where with serving utensils. In doing so, you can avoid spills by having too many chefs in the kitchen trying to put plates in the same area.

holiday organization

Time Management

You have a set time for guests to arrive, so make sure all your prepping is done the night before to avoid chaos in the morning. Keep your checklist handy of the food to be served with times of when to put the meat in the oven, what time to serve the appetizers, an idea of what time dessert will be.  This way guests aren’t starving or leaving later than they anticipated. Some guests may live far away or have small children they need to put to bed and therefore like to know a roundabout time of when they will get home. With time management, you can provide a delightful meal without having guest be antsy.

Provide Clean Air With Duct Dudes

You have a plethora of things to worry about cleaning for the holidays, let the #1 air duct cleaners in NJ handle cleaning your air ducts. With clean air ducts, your guests will be able to breathe easy and breathe in clean air opposed to moldy, stuffy air which could come from dirty, clogged ducts. Duct Dudes wants to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and care for your safety and air quality.

duct dudes happy holidays

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Duct Dudes wants to take the time to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to leave a review on our Google page!  It has been an absolute pleasure working with every single customer and we are so thankful that you all have taken the time to leave a review.

Duct Dudes takes every single review seriously and we are extremely appreciative that we’ve been able to collect 200 reviews on Google!  We love to hear feedback from our customers and have them share their experiences with everyone!  We really enjoy reading the different stories that each customer has to share and we are so thankful to have such a loyal customer base.

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In order to bring you the absolute best air duct and dryer vent cleaning in NJ, we only use industry-best equipment, we give our technicians industry-best training and we ensure industry-best work standards. If you expect nothing less than the best, Duct Dudes is the company to talk to. We have been providing quality work with unwavering standards to our customers for nearly a decade.

At Duct Dudes we want to make sure that we have happy and satisfied customers, even if thats letting you know you don’t necessarily need the job done right away.  We will give you a fair understanding of when the right time is for you and your home or business to be cleaned.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in New Jersey

In all of our years of experience, Duct Dudes has found that perhaps one of the most often neglected normal maintenance projects for commercial building is scheduling routine, professional air duct cleaning services in New Jersey.

For a long time now there has been a running misconception that commercial buildings do not warrant the same need for professional air duct cleaning services that residential homes do. This is not the case by any means at all, and it never has been. Keep reading to learn more about the value of commercial duct cleaning.

The Safety Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning in New Jersey

NJ Commercial Air Duct CleaningWhile it is true that commercial buildings do not have actual residents living and sleeping in them, commercial buildings do exist for business and employment purposes. The majority of people spend 60-90% of their days indoors, especially in the workplace. According to the American College of Allergists, 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by the polluted air that is indoors.

If the air ducts of commercial buildings are not routinely cleaned, then these structures can become uncomfortable to work in, irritating to the employees and customers alike, and can even present a health hazard to those who spend a great deal of time in them.

Cleaning the air ducts of a commercial building allows for fresh, clean purified air to flow through all of the air systems of that building. In this way, whatever stock or merchandise is kept in or made in the building will be kept clean, dust free, dirt free, pollen free, mold free, and mildew free. The employees who work in the building can rest assured that they are breathing clean and pure air, and any customers or clients or visitors of the building can also feel comfortable in the environment.

The Environmental Coalition has noted that indoor air quality should be of great concern to businesses, as it can “impact the health, comfort, well-being, and productivity of building occupants”. So make sure the air in your office is clean, to ensure that your staff is able to work to their full capacity.

Call On Us for Your Project and We Will Get It Done!

Though commercial buildings often require more work and time to clean the ducts out than residential projects do, we have developed a system for tackling bigger buildings that is unparalleled in the air duct cleaning industry. We can efficiently and safely clean out and purify all of the various systems of your commercial building’s air ducts in short order, and we can do it all while maintaining a neat, orderly, and friendly work environment. We’ll clean up before we leave, and we will even replace filters if they are provided. We hope you choose us for your next commercial air duct cleaning project, and we hope to have the chance to provide you with expert service time and time again. 

To learn more about the services we offer at Duct Dudes, our commercial air duct cleaning company in NJcontact us at (866) DUDE-911!  Schedule air duct cleaning for your business today!


Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Does your business have a clothes dryer? If so, you have a hidden hazard! Dryers, especially those that are used frequently for commercial use, can collect excess lint and debris in the vent line. This excess lintNJ air duct cleaning services is the most common source of ignition for dryer fires, which account for 15,500 fires every year. In addition to the risk of fire, excess lint and debris can lead to clogs and decreased efficiency, as well as additional energy use. DuctDudes provides professional commercial dryer vent cleaning services in New Jersey to a wide variety of businesses with clothes dryers.

Our Current Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Clients in New Jersey

  • Home Owner Associations
  • Spas
  • Pet groomers
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics
  • Chiropractors
  • Laundromats
  • Fitness centers
  • Daycare facilities
  • Senior homes
  • Veterinary clinics/hospitals

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning in New Jersey Benefits

Our commercial dryer vent cleaning services in New Jersey offer business owners many benefits. First and foremost, by having your dryer vents cleaned by our experienced technicians, you can be sure that the risk of dryer fire in your building is minimized. In addition to removing the fire hazard, our services will ultimately save your business time and money by increasing your dryer’s efficiency.

With clean dryer vents, your drying cycles will take less time, meaning you’ll not only save time, but also use less energy. Decreased energy use means you’ll save money on utilities. On average, a clean dryer vent can also decrease energy costs by $18 to $24 per month. Shorter drying cycles also result in less wear on your materials and dryer.

Leading appliance manufacturers recommend having your dryer vent inspected and cleaned by a professional once a year. To learn more about the services we offer at Duct Dudes, our commercial dryer vent cleaning company in NJcontact us at (866) DUDE-911!  Schedule air duct cleaning for your business today!

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning for Your Commercial Business


DuctDudes has been a trusted provider of commercial duct cleaning in NJ since our business opened.  Whether you are looking to improve your facility’s indoor air quality, save money on energy, or provide a cleaner, healthier work environment for your employees, commercial duct cleaning can make a huge difference for yourself and your employees.NJ air duct cleaning

There are many different types of commercial buildings, but keep in mind that contaminants like dust, bacteria and mold accumulate in a building’s HVAC system and ductwork over time.  Dirty air ducts and coils are easy to neglect but can create costly issues for property managers, facility managers and building occupants. Constantly circulating dust, mold and pollen can lead to reduced employee productivity, illness, tenant dissatisfaction, and even turn customers and clients away from your business.


Residential and commercial HVAC systems and associated ductwork vary greatly so you need a service provider that specializes in large facility commercial duct cleaning in NJ. DuctDudes has the experience and expertise necessary to perform industrial, governmental or commercial duct cleaning in New Jersey.


Certified commercial duct cleaning in New Jersey requires extensive knowledge in proper containment and remediation procedures for the protection and well-being of the building’s occupants. DuctDudes technicians are mindful of every space we provide commercial duct cleaning in, and follow the rigorous guidelines set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).nj air duct cleaning

When you reach out to DuctDudes you’ll have an experienced commercial duct cleaning technician that will inspect your system, evaluate the conditions, and discuss cleaning options with you. We will provide a cost estimate based on your choice of services and can complete commercial duct cleaning on your schedule, discretely and with minimum disruption.


According to NADCA, “Indoor air quality is one concern that building managers and building inhabitants have when they decide to investigate an HVAC system. Through normal occupation in a building, we generate a great deal of contaminants and air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated 5 to 7 times per day, on average. Over time, this re-circulation causes a build-up of contaminants in the ductwork.”

In addition to regularly scheduled commercial duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance, NADCA also recommends that newly installed HVAC systems or HVAC systems undergoing renovation be verified clean and protected before the building is reoccupied and the system is permitted to operate.

To learn more about the services we offer at Duct Dudes, our commercial air duct cleaning company in NJcontact us at (866) DUDE-911!  Schedule air duct cleaning for your business today!


Why Your Summer Cleanse Should Include Air Duct Cleaning

Life can get busy at times and people tend to forget silly things such us “Where did I leave my glasses?” or “What did I do with my phone?” Duct Dudes, your air duct cleaning NJ company, doesn’t want you to forget about cleaning your air ducts! Here’s why…

The air ducts in your home or property serve a very important purpose. They are responsible for circulating the air from your heating and cooling system throughout each room. This happens numerous times throughout every day. Many of our customers don’t realize the benefits that come with clean air ducts so it’s our job to provide them with reasons. It is possible that dirty and clogged ducts can enhance allergies and asthma. Mold and debris are commonly found in air ducts that haven’t been cleaned in a while. Why would we want our family, friends or pets breathing that in our own home?

How often should you get your ducts cleaned? Every household, complex and building are different. The standard is usually every three years but it could be sooner. It’s best to contact an air duct cleaning professional, such as Duct Dudes, to determine if it’s time to have your ducts clean.

NJ Air Duct Cleaning Benefits in Spring

Pros of the Pros Cleaning Your Air Ducts in NJ

By hiring our professionals at Duct Dudes to clean your ducts, you are creating a cleaner living environment for household members. Many people suffer from allergies. With clean air ducts, you are potentially reducing the allergens. Remove unwanted odors from moldy, dirty ducts and improve air flow throughout every room.

Your mind is at ease knowing that Duct Dudes handles every job, big or small, with highly trained experts and state of the art equipment. We strive for customer satisfaction and are happy to answer any questions or concerns throughout the job process.

For more information about our air duct cleaning NJ services, contact us at (866) DUDE-911 today!

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Summer Ready!

It’s that time of year again in the tri-sate area.  The winter is dying down, spring is in the air and all you can think about is summer and how you have to get your home ready for all those parties, gatherings and just more use.  You want to make sure that you take the time in these final winter weeks to put together a list of action items for spring cleaning.  We’ve all been there, that’s why Duct Dudes a top rated Air Duct Cleaning NJ based company has put together these tips and tricks for any and all to enjoy!

1.   Say goodbye to winter
goodbye-winterSimple, seasonal interior updates are key to making your home fit for summer, creating that feeling that winter is a world away.  Give your living space a lighter looking with some bright accessories.  Remove anything that has a winter feel such as heaters, thick blanks, fire logs and anything down.  Remember that old saying “out of site is out of mind.” So make sure you say GOODBYE Winter.

2.   Be ready to party
With Memorial Day around the corner, you want to make sure your the king of patio parties with a variety of outdoor entertaining accoutrements. Make sure your blender is margarita-ready and that your cookbooks have the mojito, cold canapé and summer dip recipes flagged. Invest in accident-proof dishware from serving trays to drinking glasses (think melamine). 

3.   Freshen your airflow    
Ensure a cool, cool summer – not to mention a lower energy output – with a few simple air-flow updates. Turn your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise (the blades are tilted upward as they spin) to push air downward and create a stronger draft. Replace your air conditioner’s filter or have your central air professionally looked at. Make sure you get your air ducts cleaned as you want to make sure your AC is working correctly.  Contact your air duct cleaning NJ company Duct Dudes, and you’ll breathe easy having to deal with air-cooling malfunctions in the sweltering summer heat.  

4.   Invite summer indoors
Thoroughly wash your windows – inside and out. You’ll need a cloth or brush to tackle some of the larger outdoor debris, an equal parts water-vinegar solution and a squeegee — and do away with winter drapes.  Remove and store those double-layered thick draperies and replace them with some nice thin sheers to let in that beautiful summer sunlight.  Always love a nice cool summer sunset, so make sure your blinds follow suite!

5.   Stock up for summer 
Stock up on summer essentials. Fill your medicine cabinet with sun block, aloe and insect repellant. In your linen closet, store picnic blankets and fresh and fluffy beach towels.Hello-summer-picture-2015 Fill your garage with backyard sports items such as a croquet, badminton or lawn bowling set.

6.   Flip the shed
Make sure that you flip your shed and bring out the fertilizer, lawn mower, summer sports gear and get rid of the snow blower, shovels and salt as its summer time baby!  Make sure that you put the winter equipment in the back and bring the summer goodies to the front!  Always want to be sure your garden equipment is available!  

7.   Make your deck your favorite room in the house
Create an outdoor extension of your indoor living space: comfortable, clean and filled with your favorite things. The fun part of patio cleaning is that it can mostly be tackled with warm, soapy water, a scrub brush and a hose – your deck, outdoor upholstery, furniture (depending, of course, on the finish), walkways, and even your hammock (read our great tips on cleaning outdoor furniture). After cleaning and arranging your furniture, create a moonlight mood with outdoor lights, and punctuate the space with flowering planters, candles and pillows.

8.   Bring out your BBQ brawn
Get that grill washed up and ready to go!  Memorial day is right around the corner!  Make sure that you give that grill a nice deep clean and get it ready for a nice summer day of grilling burgers, dogs and an assortment of meats.  Make sure that after you give the grill a nice deep cleaning you whip down those grates with some oil to give them a nice clean shine!

Before your guests arrive for the big feast, you’ll want to make sure your home has great indoor air quality, and the professionals at Duct Dudes can help! At Duct Dudes, we’re proud to be the #1 air duct cleaners in NJ. We use only the industry’s best work standards, training, and equipment to provide our customers with the best air duct cleaning services in the area.

Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the ductwork in your home. A clogged air duct can be a breeding ground for hazardous mold and bacteria. Having your home’s ductwork cleaned regularly keeps yourself and your loved ones from being affected by these hazardous materials. You’ll breathe easier with better indoor air quality!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with us, contact Duct Dudes at (866) DUDE-911.